#34 Hyde Park 02 @ "The Icon"- Opening Tomorrow

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"The Icon" exhibit opens tomorrow at the BMWCCA Foundation Museum in Greer, SC. From the picture Jackie Jouret sent me this morning it looks like the exhibit will be spectacular.


My old war-horse looks spic and span next to the Alpina 02. All those rubber bits I applied so carefully at "The Mitty" have been clean off.


I'm sorry I won't be there for the opening. Hopefully some local members of this forum can get there and post some more pictures.



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It is unfortunate that they appear to have to have the cars 'roped off', looking at them from 2-3-4 or more feet away isn't the same as looking at them close up.....and or with the hood/trunk (boot) up ... as the details in those areas tell part of the story with the car - speaking for myself only, the exterior bits are pretty obvious, the other not so much.  Some of the most interesting details on my car are under the hood or in the trunk (or underneath), which you would never know or understand if you couldn't see for yourself. 


Based on some of the battle damage on #34, it see's a lot more track time than the Alpina.

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