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I've noticed some changes with the site over the past few weeks. Notably for me anyway, is the way search works. I'm sure there is logic behind the changes but just wanted to voice my opinion. First is that is automatically uses Google as the default search. Thats fine but I run into problems all the time when I do something like this:


1. I search for "Recaro Seats" (or anything else)

2. I get all the results with the 3 google ads at the top. (I'm fine with this if it's bringing in revenue or something)

3. I click on an article form the FAQ thread that sounds like it has the info that I am looking for.

4. I realize that the article isn't really what I was looking for. (this is where the problems start)

5. I click the back button. (Safari or Chrome is what I am using)

6. Once the page loads my original search is gone and I get an empty page.......I have to start all over again. This didn't happen in the past. 


The second thing I am having frustration with. I go to the classified "Parts For Sale" page. In the past, if I hit search while I was on that page it would return results from that page. Now, I don't know what it does anymore. I goes into a very long delay and then produces nothing. Just a minute ago I was in the "Parts For Sale" page. I wanted to search for "Belt Trim". I don't see how to do that anymore? The box next to the search bar automatically selects "Topics" but I don't see how to just search the "Parts for Sale" anymore.


I like to think I'm fairly computer savvy but maybe I'm getting old and this technology finally left me in the dust!

I think this is the very best forum I have ever used. It's simply a collective of awesome people and information. I just thought I would let you know my thoughts and would love some direction if I am just not using it correctly. 



Josh Baum

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I'm having kind of a similar situation with the search function as well. When I try to search for something I get no results. I have to search via google to find something on the site.

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There will be a change in how the search works with the next software upgrade. I will most likely be dropping google search from the menu as the new one should work a lot better


steve k.

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