M20 swap suspension parts list request

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The m20 swap still intrigues me for several reasons. 


1: fuel injection, motronic, plenty of power.

2: lots of parts support and availability.

3: it is a bmw product


What I am not clear on is how the handling characteristics change with the longer engine. I have talked to HDX on the 320 forums about his m20 2002 and he simply used a fiberglass hood and moved the battery to the back. I think a few of you guys go to the track like he does.  What spring rates, struts, coil overs and or camber plates ect has been used to make the m20 swap car drive like an m10 car? anyone care to share what they did and the results?

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Given the M20 weighs in at 50 or so lbs more, I think the answer is:


move the battery to the trunk.




Now, to make the car handle the extra TORQUE, you might want

bigger brakes, a limited slip diff, wider tires, more front camber, etc.


But that's a different question.




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