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FOUND- Need One Door Sill Strip for 76 2002

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I am looking for one good to excellent door sill strip for my 76 2002.  Part # 51471822070.  One of mine has a bad crack and cannot be repaired.  I have the rubber gasket and clips, so all I really need is the plastic sill strip.  Thanks.

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Hi Tim---I have several sets of threshold plates here--however i got tired of looking at the cracked/chunks missing from the useless bull nose on the late sill plates

I have trimmed them back like the original gray screw down types and they look much tidier to me. I have a set of decent original plates --not trimmed as such--and pictures will illustrate the difference. Front one has 1/2" of plastic cut back--still covers entire sill---I need $25 for the plate and $20 to ship it---$45 us total which includes the shipping from western Canada

Paypal is quickest using
PLEASE read instructions below—I’m accepting $US ONLY—that’s how my account is set up
When sending payment PLEASE NOTICE THE  “CAD” at the bottom and   change this to   “USD”
There is a pick list at the bottom
If you choose to Paypal—please include your mailing address in the paypal message area ---or email it to me
You could help me out and send payment for friends or family---i already pay a premium to get money converted
Thanks Brent




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