BMW 02 Tachometer, 180km/h

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If you only want a clock I can test it of course. I'm not sure at the moment if I'd sell the clock alone, lets talk again tomorrow e.g.

What about other clocks, e.g. this one? (I've another one of this, without small scratch on plastik)  I'll get back to you tomorrow anyway






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A instrument cluster with a 180 KPH speedo came from a Euro spec 1502, 1602, or 1802.    2002 came with a 200 KPH speedo and ti & tii came with 220 KPH speedo.  Euro spec 02's (except for ti, tii and turbo) came standard with a clock. A tachometer was an option on 1502, 1602, 1802 & 2002. I have a 71-73 2002 instrument cluster with 200 KPH speedo and a clock in my parts bin.  Sorry, it's not for sale.



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