Square Tail - reflectors (rear lights) from '75

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Price: $120
Location: Golden, CO


I have a pair of tails without the lens or interior covers, with trim and body seals, without the usual melting around the brake and tail lamps.

They will be restored to near-new shiny condition, with high output lamps for best possible visibility.  I will also include a 'Plus Two' upgrade if you want it, to light both the top and bottom red lens sections with tail light operation.  This quadruples the lighted area and more than triples the light output with running lights, with high output brake, turn and reverse lights as well. 


I prefer to do this on a trade basis, swap your reflectors for mine, so I can restore your lights for someone else.  This is good news if your 02 is a daily driver.


Also have body seals (gaskets) and exterior trim (left side perfect, right side has crack at top inside corner) if you need it.

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