2000 Rear Wheel Cylinder questions

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I did some searching, but nothing turned up that answered my question.


Real OEM lists the 67 2000 Wheel Cylinder part no. as  34213660123.

They are available, but over $200 each.

Is there another part number that will work? For example, the 2002 Wheel cylinders are available on Amazon for under $20 each.


I'd much rather spend $30 than $400. Any help is appreciated.

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15 hours ago, zinz said:

My 2000CS has the big drums as found on the 320i. I used the 320i wheel cylinders with no problem. Cheap cheap




For anyone searching in the future, part No. 34211117104 is the 320i wheel cylinder.

The ones in my car currently look exactly like these. 

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