Steering wheel ID please.

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10 or 12 years ago I bought this wheel on here. Was told it was the stock wheel for my Tii. Bought it, shot pics of it, logged it on my spreadsheet n packed it away. 

I had just seen a member post one for sale on here a few hours ago. I looked at it and somehow my failed memory took a break as I remembered the one I bought years ago had a molded horn pad and this one today had a removable one.  Dug it up in the bin and sure enough it's different. 


Anyways I bought the one today but do any of you guys know what I bought 12 years ago?  

And does it fit the 02?

Thanks guy n gals. 





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That’s an E21 3-series steering wheel most likely from a 320i.  That wheel will fit a 2002.  It looks similar to the ‘74-‘76 stock 2002 steering wheel except it’s smaller in diameter and the center horn pad is part of the wheel, no longer a separate removable piece.

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I agree with Brandon.  I pulled one of those at the junkyard and used it up until a month ago, when I finally found a stock wheel for my 76.  (thanks again James!).


The e21 wheel is an inch smaller in diameter than the stock wheel (and an inch larger than the MoMo I removed).


If you were to run the e21 wheel, you would need to add a spacer to the column, to space it back about 3/16". 


The horn ring/button needs some diddling too, since it is on the column in an e21 and on the wheel on the 2002.  I bridged that gap with a piece of doubled up brass shim stock and it worked fine.  It did require a little grease though, or it squeeeeeeked.



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Thank you guys for letting me pick yer brains and offering the soulution to use it on our cars. Thanks. 

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