which brakes to upgrade to?

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Hey guys!


I'm wanting to upgrade both my front brakes and rear breaks to my 1973 bmw 2002. I currently have 15in BBS rims on the car. Thinking about having disc brakes for front and back. I know IE has several kits, any alternatives? Also, can i take brakes from a different bmw model and put i on the 2002?

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that there is a Frequently Asked Question.


you came to the right place.


there was a similar question asked last month, so I typed


[ rear disc brake vw ]


in the search window and it was the first one listed... along with 327 others.


here is that one to get you started.



Another helpful search might be [ volvo brake upgrade ]


... yup, that pulled up 222 hits.


the FAQ goes to bed early, so if you want to stay up late reading, that little search window is the ticket.


Welcome aboard!



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