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Sold Korman Suspension

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Price: $500
Location: Fairfax, Virginia


For sale is my Korman Roadsport Suspension package.  It includes all the hardware shown in the pictures.  Please note that it DOES NOT include the 4 Bilstein HD Shocks (You can use any shocks you want).  It does include new sway bar bushings which I just purchased to include in the sale.

Ray Korman installed this kit on my 74tii during restoration.  It made the car handled much better than the stock set up.  I recently started showing my car in judged events and always lost points due to the non-stock suspension so I decided to go back to the original suspension.  I can tell the difference between the Korman set-up and stock.  I will miss the Korman suspension.


I called Korman to get a current price for this and was told it is no longer available.  He said they can’t get the springs anymore.  He said this was their bestselling set up. I looked for my receipt but couldn’t find it. I think I paid about $1,200.00 for the Roadsport suspension. I am asking $500.00 plus shipping.  The next available set-up is the Korman Clubsport Suspension package for $1,445.00.  This drops the car 1 ½ inches.


From the Korman web site for the kit I am selling:

Korman Roadsport Suspension

For all around street/highway use. Designed to be comfortable yet firmly controlled for everyday commuting and provide very substantially improved handling for winding roads and weekend club events. The Roadsport suspension is our biggest selling kit. It includes: 4 stronger 1/2" lower springs, 4 Bilstein HD Shock Absorbers, 1 set 22 front and 19 adjustable rear sway bars, with mounting hardware, polyurethane bushings and the special polyurethane bushing lube.






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30 minutes ago, Durhas said:

Mike, how many miles did you put on these parts?  How much would the new bushings be and where would you get them?




Steve...there is less then 400 miles on the set.  You can get the bushings from Korman.  I put the web site and part numbers in the ad above.  I am not sure how much they cost but it cant be much.  You can give them a call and ask.  They are great people and very helpful.


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