Wiper speed switch for 1973 2002

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Hi Al,

I have a Complete:

1.  Right Hand Stalk - Washer / Intermittent/ Low Wiper/ High Wiper

2.  Wiring harnesses

3.  7 Pin Intermittent Relay


I just did this upgrade to my car and have an extra setup. No need to cut any wires. Use insulated female connectors under the dash.


Only catch is the harness at the Washer Relay. Is it 6 or 7 pins?






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I'm not really interested in the intermittent wipers I'm not even sure if I can use that on my car, it's a 1973.  Also I preferred to have the blinker switch on the other side as they do in European cars.  i'm pretty sure that's easy to modify you just stick it on the other side  and move the tab to activate itwhich is inside the steering wheel hub.  I'm pretty sure that the switch for it is around the gauge cluster. My dash is from a different  year car so I'm not sure because it's not indicated.  There is another spot though

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