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Years ago I was driving down the road and spotted the roofline of an 02 across a field and at the woodline.  My heart started beating. Could it be a Tii?  talked to the guy at the house and he said many moons ago his buddy went into the military and asked if he could keep it in his garage while he went overseas.  Guy never came back.

After 7 more years he threw it out in the field at the woodline.

told me to take it.

I spent a few days stripping glass and parts with the tools I had in my car but, I really need to go back an get the whole thing and haul it back to my house and totally strip it for spare parts. This was in 07 or 09. I keep looking at it to make sure it's there when I drive by.

Guess no one is going to get it the way it sits unless they have a chainsaw in their back pocket.

Been there before the trees were even in the field the guy told me.  No Tii. Diving board Automatic.























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5 minutes ago, catlincustoms said:

Free it of its prison! 


That would be really hard to get out haha. Sunken in and entirely surrounded by trees.



I'll go winch it up on a flatbed when the snow melts.  Been meaning to since i found it in 07. Really need to save the parts. Be a shame for him to decide to clean his back forty one day n scrap it.

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Economically,......strip it for parts.


Preserve it for the fallen soldier.


What a story.



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Years ago I found a Euro 1600 in the woods behind a house near Macon GA, following a lead from another '02 owner, who introduced me to the 1600 owner.  Not much left on it worth saving, but in the back seat was something I had pursued for 25+ years, a heated rear window in clear glass.  They were listed in the 1969 catalog when I bought my car, but were "unavailable"--and exceedingly rare on US cars until tinted glass started to become available in 1971.  


Funny thing was I was able to carry the backlight home in the trunk of my ' fit just fine, padded with towels and sitting atop my luggage.  


Also found a 2002 in a field here in Dayton--pretty much gone but I did get the VIN plate--1660900 so a very early '68.  Wish it had been intact or had some of those early goodies that are so difficult to find.  It didn't.



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Nice Mike.

I wonder why it is that they stash it Waaay back in the woods.

Almost have to trespass to calm yer heart down running for it.

Actually I did trespass. Then went up to the house.   

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