Transmission (Getrag 242) refresh?

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I looked for a thread but must not have been using the right search terms.   Now that my dirty, nasty looking getrag 242 is sitting on a furniture dolly, I need to figure out what to do to it besides clean it up so it looks pretty, replace the clutch, plate and related wear parts, and install the new shift linkage kit.  Are there seals?  Internal bearings?  I am also fairly sure that the grime all over it and inside the bell housing is from angine oil, not transmission fluid.    It seemed to be working OK when I ran it, but the loose linkage might have hidden something.   ...and is there a best way to clean it?  Can I pressure wash it?  If so, what areas, if any, do I need to cover?   Thought about trying to find a 245, but this car will probably not be seeing a lot of highway time in the future so I'm going to keep this.  All suggestions are welcome.  Thanks! 



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