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The basics.. but help to debug engine issues...

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Found this article on Hemmings, and although fairly basic, it stuck me as a nice categorization of basic problems people always talk about and the most likely culprits. Here is the link to the full discussion, but here is the list:



Have fun.


Rough idle: Mis-adjusted carburetor, vacuum leak, worn/mis-adjusted breaker points, coil polarity wrong, fouled plugs


Lack of power: Insufficient ignition advance, secondary butterfly on carburetor not opening, metering rods/power valve not functioning, restricted exhaust, starving for fuel


Pinging: Excessive advance, carbon-laden pistons and combustion chambers, lean mixture, high cylinder-head metal surface temperature/coolant, EGR (if equipped) not functioning, ignition timing scatter from worn distributor bushing


Hesitation: Weak accelerator pump stroke, vacuum advance not functioning, idle mixture screws set wrong, vacuum leak, insufficient amount of base timing


Stalling: Idle speed set too low, massive vacuum leak, idle circuit in carburetor blocked, EGR valve stuck open, choke tension (when cold)


Oil smoke on startup only: Worn valve guides/seals


Excessive oil consumption: Wrong oil viscosity, oil diluted with gasoline, worn oil ring on piston, excessive cylinder bore wear/glaze, short trips/numerous cold starts


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