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Alternator Stickers: One Time Offer. SOLD OUT

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Price: $4
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada


I own an original Bosch 35A alternator and a 45A alternator.  I had them rebuilt and restored to "like new" condition and wanted to complete them with the proper  vintage sticker. The stickers are printed and die-cut from brushed metallic vinyl.






I have an extra 20 of each sticker.  I'm offering them out at cost, plus handling and postage prepaid.
Canada and Continental US    -  1 sticker - $4.20 US,  2+ stickers - $3.00 US each.  
International                             -  1 sticker - $5.50 US,  2+ stickers - $3.00 US each.  
If you're interested please PM me with your full address and quantity desired.   I will confirm your request and pass on my Paypal info.
These will be sent by letter post from Vancouver, Canada.  Expect approximately 14 days for delivery.
I won't be making any more so first come, first served.



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7 hours ago, saaron said:

Hey Paul - I'll take two of the tii ones - they are the 45amp, correct?


You were supposed to PM me!  And because you didn't I only have one 45A left. :) It's yours.  PM me your address.


I only have a few 35A stickers left.  No more 45A stickers.

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I was wanting to get a 35A and a 45A but unfortunately for me no 45A left ... thanks anyways Paul..... I was away from my 02 and didn’t know which Amp my alt is... I finally got back to it and mine is a 45A but my sticker doesn’t look like the 45A that you have.... perhaps an early vs late alternator sticker difference... for the sake of information maybe someone can chime in? Sorry for disturbing the sale portion of this thread...d5280d851a8f9f3ac590d55a60ddee9f.jpga14c58dce9132f95acc0f95d563bcd3b.jpg

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The green sticker is intriguing. I've never seen one like that.  AND it's in great shape.  You could mask it and restore that alternator easily.  


Sorry I didn't have more stickers.  I wasn't expecting that many interested people. Only 5 35A version left.   If anyone else is interested in getting some made, I will supply the artwork n/c.


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