WTB Automatic Transmission Shifter Brushes

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These have gone NLA. Anybody got a set sitting around? There are options for replacement that I am aware of but thought I would put it out there to see if anybody has any. a20791b13e948cf70b9ccc_l__65055.1417459359_1280_1280.jpg.35085ee496f4d568f059cece4a91d85b.jpg
If you can't find brushes try substituting with two strips of black vinyl material. It works just as well and covers the empty space the shifter traverses. You need the old brush fittings to secure them though.

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Pulled the shifter brush this morning and it looks nothing like what you have pictured, it's a single brush setup on a flat mount and screw mounts from the top, not the sides.  I thought i put it in my tool bag to bring home to take pics but didnt get that done, but it looks so different than the pics i believe it won't work.



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