Not A BMW Racer???? But Still A Lot Of Fun!!!!

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Along with BMWs and MBs my father's dealership sold NSUs. So when I started racing he suggested I find the holy grail of NSUs, a 1200 TTS. I found one for sale in NJ and went with my friend Peter P. to collect it and bring it back to MN.

I ran it in a few auto crosses in the fall, setting several FTDs, and then raced it on the Ice in the IIRA series in 1969 and 1970. I never got a chance to race it on a track because I sold it and bought a Mazda RX2 to race in 1972. 

The question of how well these cars go has always rattled around in the back of my empty skull, so I decided to take steps to find out before I was too old to care.


Here are some pictures of my latest acquisition. It is a 1970 1200 TTS. It has a OH cam 4 cylinder air cooled engine, sitting on a 4 speed transmission. And no, I will not be doing any bump drafting with that oil cooler hanging out there.

I found the car in the Netherlands, and it is on its way via ship to Seattle. No Corvair jokes please.


Stay tuned for a full report!




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I love it.   Saw an NSU at a vintage auto race last year.  Neat little cars.


PS - the Motul catch can is impressive.

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