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Hi Folks


I finally got my rebuilt motor back in the car and decided today was the day to fire it up. After checking and re-checking all connections/hoses it fired up pretty quickly. I let the car run for about 10-15 minutes before I noticed the temp gauge was in the danger zone. immediately shut it off. After checking and looking around the engine bay I noticed that the coolant in the radiator and lower hose was cold. upper hose was hot.  Now the car is very hard to start but wont stay running. Not sure what to do or check now... looking for suggestions.




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Quick update. I just went out and burped the coolant system. The car started and ran really well for 10 minutes didnt think it was going to overheat then BAM" danger zone. shut it off, I will order a new stat tomorrow. Maybe Ill try my unknown spare stat while I wait on the new one.

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