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Letter to the Asshole who stole my mail

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I was excited about receiving my brand new 6-fuse cover for my 1600. You are a jerk for stealing it. I doubt you have any use for it. You probably threw it in the garbage after scratching your head about what use it had. A better man would have returned it to the mailbox with an apology note. I forgive you at the end of the day but don't expect me to forget!


End of rant. 


P.S. We need to have a rant section on this forum so I can diffuse my frustrations in life appropriately :)

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My parents (in San Hose) had to get a locking mailbox due to mail theft.  They live on a quiet residential street in the dullest subdivision imaginable.  Seems quite the plague out there.  Here in Indiana we leave the doors open, car unlocked, garage open, mail in the box, etc., and nobody bothers any of it...

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