Emergency Flasher/Hazard

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My car came without one when I bought it...some customization done by prior owner. Does the switch itself have the relay built into it like an old Mercedes-Benz? Also does anyone have a schematic of this circuit because not even sure if the wires are tucked away or non-existent/repurposed. Thanks

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You didn't indicate the year of your car, but regardless of the switch (pull type on early cars, pushbutton on later ones) they all use the turn signal flasher.  Find a wiring diagram for your year car and you should be able to reconnect it.  Unless the PO did a bunch of wire clipping, I'll bet you'll find the disconnected wires (or plug, depending on year) right where the old switch used to llive.  


Bet it was a push button switch, and the PO removed it because it wouldn't turn off--a not uncommon malady with the pushbutton type flasher switch (it goes in the console).



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