Is this diff too roached to rebuild?

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I am cleaning out my shed pending moving to Sydney and I am trying to work out if my old diff is worth shipping. I replaced it maybe a year ago due to the pinion bearing whine getting too much and had thought that I would rebuild it.


crunch time means ship it or toss it out. 


The bearings are definitely shot, no question. The crown wheel and pinion look OK. There is minimal slop in the spider gears and pins but the teeth look like they are toast. Very shiny with noticeable wear, at least into the heat treatment. Are the spiders and pins available new any more?


Worth rebuilding or boat anchor?





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If it's a 2002 3.64, I'd offer it up locally for $25 or something.  Someone may

want to weld up the gears for a race car or drifty toy.


If it's a harder to find ratio, save the gears.


But yeah, with noise and shot bevel gears, it's not really worth the effort of trying to fix it...





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Keep the ring & pinion if needed...I landed two broken LSD's that both had broken pinions. If you don't want the ratio then sell it off cheap as T. suggests.


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