Anyone in the market near Raleigh ?

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I knew the owner had one, but just realized he is selling as I drove by today. Don't know the price, but if anyone is interested in the Raleigh/NC area, here are a couple of pix. From a quick peek I can say:


o Fairly complete looking 76

o Except for the big bumper delete

o And the horrible blueberry paint job over everything.. including the Euro bumpers!

o Did not get a look underside or at engine

o Sighting down each side it looked pretty straight

o One small quarter size bubble of rust on lower driver door skin


He's a cool guy in Raleigh. Dream job as an architect and just built a modern house.. should have captured a shot of it.


FYI - Randy 



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My curiosity has me, so I will contact him and see if he has more pix and details.


I never saw his on the road either but I know of a brown one near 5 Points and a red one near Cameron Village. I met the 

guy briefly as I drove by for the red one and have to pop by again now that mine is road-worthy again.



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24 minutes ago, worzella said:

Yikes!! $11000


But the AC just needs freon. Ha ha



Now now....


he did say "work and refrigerant."


He gets points for that!



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