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Swap and Show 2018 - 05/05/2018 09:00 AM to 05/05/2018 03:00 PM

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Event Title: Swap and Show 2018
Event Author: layers
Event Date: 05/05/2018 09:00 AM to 05/05/2018 03:00 PM

BayArea 02 Swap & Show, 5 May 2018, Marina at Brisbane, California. Preregister on Motorsportreg [MotorsportReg for Swap & Show-2018].  Preregistration is $25 until 1 May while the on-site fee on 5 May will be $30.  Graphic artist Kile Brekke designed our T-shirts and printed materials again this year and they look excellent!  Please preregister early so we can determine more easily the shirt sizes to order.  We will have a named bag for each preregistrant so our closing date is slightly earlier than some years to help us organize the bags.



Note— Swap & Show visitors are welcome!  If you do not show your car or swap parts, there is no fee for entry.  But we encourage anyone with a BMW of our vintage to bring your car to display, no matter how beautiful your restoration or how mundane the dirt and rust on your daily driver (some photographers can make the rust and dirt very photogenic— check out photos from previous years!).  Swap & Show does not judge your car so there will be no points for extra dirt, missing dirt, matching luggage or concours shine.  We smile at all BMW's, and photographs or videos are welcome!

Swap and Show 2018

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Can we set up a caravan from SoCal to Brisbane this year .. it’s always a great show ., and the drive just adds to it .. maybe we can get all the SoCal driver meet at one spot and head out ., let’s throw some suggestions out there and see what we can come up with .. I’ll be driving from SoCal myself 

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