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Well - I've reached my last resort on the Bultaco

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1 hour ago, Kidasters said:

Teaser before tomorrow:



Looks sweet- hope you can fit it back into the garage.  How's the Ferrari coming-and what about the 911 and the 2002?  No, I'm not trying to beat Ray on his reply.

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Lol. You are killing me.


4 of the 5 motorcycles can fit on the lift where the Mini used to sit.  So, I shouldn't have an issue getting the Bultaco in there.  


The Ferrari is good.  I had a major service done.  Got it back, and it didn't run right.  Took it back to the mechanic, and they did some troubleshooting, and now it is running great.  It's been too wet last few weeks to drive, but I'm happy.  While they had it, they figured out that it was running hot because one of the fan relays was failing.  They replaced that relay, but when I got it back, I replaced all of the relays.  


911 is great.  That car runs so strong.  I need to change the oil in it.   


When I was working on the rear brakes of the 2002, I accidentally ran into the roof rafters of the garage.  So - there are 2 dents in the roof. Really upset me.  So - next year, it's project 2002.  Get all the body/paint work done in the 2002, including adding the NOS Zender air dam.  Swap the head and add the DCOE's.  It will be good.


I will get the tank/body parts back for the 75 R90/6.  To put the front and rear fenders back on it, I'll have to take off both the front and rear wheels.  To to that - I have to take both the ferrari and porsche out of the garage.  It's supposed to rain all weekend here, so that might not get done.


Finally - still waiting on the custom made tank for the R100 and the custom made seat and tank for the CB550.  Hopefully get both of those back and working this year too.


Wow - that's a lot.  I have too much krap.

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9 minutes ago, ray_ said:

Gimme my seats back if you're not going to use them.




All joking aside - this was one of the best things I ever bought for any of my cars.  I love these seats so much.

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Got it this morning.  Trip was as uneventful as you want it in Houston, mid-day traffic can be.  I was terrified.


Got home, unloaded the trailer and put all the stickers on it.  


Thunderstorms are rolling though now, and I don't want to ride in them.  So - here are some pics until the weather improves.


Jim - I stuffed it in the garage, between the 911 and the tire machine.  My wife is now convinced that the garage is the Magic Tent in the Harry Potter books/movies.  She said "I swear, someone could bring an airplane over, and you would get it in the garage..."













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