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When I go to reply to a posting and click on "reply" the section that allows attaching a photo or article appears, but not the section for writing the reply (this one).  It's been working just fine for many years on my AOL but not any more--and just within the past 3-4 days. 


So then when I try Internet Explorer, I can post replies, but constantly get a "site is slowed/stopped due to a long-running script."  When I try to clear that, it shuts down the program and re-launches the site.  Thus I can read on one browser but can't answer, and when I go to another browser it slows to the point of uselessness.  As a computer guy I'm a pretty good 2002 mechanic.   Help! 


PS--pls PM me with your answer, as it's getting more and more difficult to use the site.




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