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Removing the Reactor/Manifold in a '75


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I'm finally starting on the emissions controls removal on my '75 and....pffft....what's with all these heat shields?   I removed two from above the manifold and it looks like there is a third I will need to remove from underneath.  I also have an A/C compressor in the way.  Is there a more direct path to the lower 4 manifold nuts than manuevering around things from underneath?   It does not look possible to get to those nuts from above, but I might be missing something.    


And since the lower heat shield is attached to the chassis and not the engine, is it worth it to put that one back?    






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I got all the sheilds off and discovered that the PO had attempted this removal before.  The top nuts came off easily (They were actually loose).  The bottom ones are stripped.  Now I have to remove a bunch of other stuff (A/C) to get enough room to remove them.  

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Hi Rob,  Sorry, just saw this question for some reason.  I bought an Ireland Engineering shorty header but it was defective so I ended up buying a shorty header from Top Speed.  It is nearly as nice and much less expensive.  

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