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FS: Burly 168mm LSD diff

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Price: $400
Location: Vancouver, BC/Blaine, Wa


Hi there,


I know I'm new here and understand if anyone feels uncomfortable buying from a newbie, but it was suggested to me to come here to try and sell this differential, as it is allegedly something that works well for 2002s. I have been around BimmerForums for 6 years now, buying and selling parts. I have also been on BCBimmers for quite some time and they all know me there too. I also have a 500 feedback 100% positive rating on eBay. I can ship from Blaine, Wa for US buyers and from Vancouver area for Canadian buyers.


I have an old school BMW LSD currently installed in an E36 differential housing for sale. The LSD was fully rebuilt by Wanganstyle a few years ago for another BF.c'er and at the time was installed in a 318ti/E30 housing. I had the guts swapped to an E36 coupe/sedan housing by the premier BMW differential/Spec E30 shop in the Pacific Northwest - NorthWest Differential.

 The ratio is 3.23:1, as I said already, the diff is a 168mm small case, and the LSD itself is A LOT stronger than the E30 and E36 LSDs that tend to fail due to the design of the LSD cover. This LSD cover is a lot thicker, larger in diameter and clamped together by the ring gear bolts (see pics below).

 If anyone is entertaining a swap from a medium case diff to this small case diff, I have some axles as well that I could include. They are E36 Coupe/Sedan fitment and may fit other models. Why would you want to do this: 20lbs of weight reduction, That's why I did it. I am now going to bigger tires which means the minimum weight for my racing class goes up by 200lbs. I no longer need the weight reduction so I'm going back to a 188mm diff and a fancy aftermarket LSD. For the record, this diff survived 24,000+ miles attached to the motor in my car, making between 250 and 270whp (got stronger as the tuning got sorted) and 220-240 ft/lbs of torque.

 I am asking $400 plus shipping from Blaine, Wa 98230. The diff in the housing weighs about 65lbs, so probably 68-70lbs for shipping.




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Just a comment...3.23 is a pretty high (low numerically) ratio for a 2002.  Stock was usually 3.64 or 3.90 depending on year, and the most common LSD ratio that I have seen is 3.90.  What would it take to make that ratio usable?  Lots more power?  Maybe an M20 or S14 conversion would work, but I have not researched it or seen a discussion.

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Thanks for the feedback. The only reason I have this posted here is because someone in the know for 2002s suggested that this could be somewhere that this item might be appreciated more than elsewhere.


Might be an ideal diff for someone not looking to do the subframe mod to the 188mm diff, but still needs something strong enough to handle some serious power - like a boosted M10 (it is an M10 in the 2002, is it not?).





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