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Play in steering at full lock, left and right


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At full lock, i find that I have about an inch of play in my steering.  I have read the posts about adjusting the steering, but in the center, and for that matter anytime I drive it, it is fine, like tight as a drum.  Just when I pull out of the garage I am at full lock and can feel it.  I do have I.E lowered springs, Bilenstin shocks, and I.E Sway bars.


I have all new bushings, ball joints, and bearings in the front end. (like in the past 4 months) 


Any thoughts?



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At high speed the slackness disappears as the load is all in one direction when cornering (generally) and so the steering is loaded up against one side of the slackness. Bumps and such might tend to overcome this but generally the forces are such that the steering goes back to that position without being too noticeable. You may feel it more at slower speeds as there is less force to be overcome. 

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