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Do you need the fenders rolled on every 15in wheel?


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Some advice needed.

I am currently having my 02 restored. I might put 15 inch wheels on the car at some point in the future. If the arches need modified then it would make sense to do it before it goes to paint. 

Are there any 15 inch wheel offsets that don't require your arches rolled? The car will be on lowered Eibach springs. 

Thanks, Chris.

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1 minute ago, Coastalcrush408 said:

Test fit your wheels before you paint the car


The car is going to be painted on a spit. And I am going to put my 13 inch MOMO cloverleafs on for a while and then maybe get bigger ones in the future. The plan was to try and get some custom steel wheels made. 15inch 6.5 et25 is the plan. It will be annoying to have to get the lips rolled on a freshly painted car. Though I think I should be ok.


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2 hours ago, Son of Marty said:

You might want to roll them before paint just on general principle it's real easy to do if you don't have to worry about cracking or chipping the paint. If you do roll them be sure to paint the inner edge with POR 15 as the lip will now hold water/debris as it's now u shaped. 


Yeah, roll them now. It won't hurt anything should you decide keep the 13s on 

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