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Passenger Door Handle Chrome Piece - Hold Do You Attach It?

Captain Manly

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When you say "passenger door handle" are you referring to (1) the exterior handle, (2) the interior handle that actually opens the door or (3) the grab handle you use to pull the door closed.  


If it's (1), the push button is either broken or the screw on its back side has fallen out.  You'll have to dismantle the door and remove the handle to tell what's wrong.


If it's (2), see mataku527's response


If it's (3) see Simeon's response.



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I previously had this problem (hence why I have the handy picture) but what I did previously was add a suitable size O ring to the handle which can then be rolled up against the chrome cover to hold it in place. It's unobtrusive and basically disappears under the cover but stops it from falling down. 

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