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e30/e21 dash in an '02 with AC?


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Hi Everyone,


I'm new here, but been reading for years and finally picked up an '02 of my own— a '73 in Riviera Blue. Car is currently with A1 in Marin undergoing an EFI conversion and 5-speed swap as part of the plan to make the car into my daily driver. As part of that project I'm planning on adding AC and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience installing and adapting an e30 or e21 dash to an '02 and routing an '02 style AC unit to the dash vents, connecting heater controls etc. I know people have installed e30 dashes and I've seen a few photos, but wondering if anyone has gone all the way and gotten all the heater controls, switches, etc to work?

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I recall years ago seeing an E21 dashboard installed in a 2002--I was amazed at how well it fit with very little modification.  However, I don't remember if the A/C was connected or not.  The A/C units on an E21 and a 2002 are very different, so I suspect you'd have to use most of the E21's cabin-mounted A/C components:  evaporator, blower, controls etc.  


Dunno if anyone has ever tried to fit an E30 dash to a 2002, but I suspect it won't fit without a lot of modifications.  


If your goal is to have better cold air distribution than you would get from the console-only setup on aftermarket 2002 A/C units, I suspect it might be easier to run ducts and outlets to the outboard ends of the existing 2002 dash than to try and retrofit an E21 dash to an '02...



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