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Thanks to Mike Self


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I would like to say that I had the opportunity this past weekend to meet a very nice and knowledgeable member of the Faq. There are a few members that I always take the time to read whatever they post on the Faq, Mike Self is one of those members. Mike recommended to me an engine shop that had rebuilt his motor several years ago and he was pleased with their work. So I decided to give them a try. The shop is about 1.5 hrs from my home but only a couple of miles from Mike's place. We decided to meet at Mike's place.. What a treat.. We spent at least 1.5 hrs talking..But mostly me listening to all of the 2002 knowledge Mike has gathered over the years. Once my car is back on the road, I look forward to getting together again with Mike for drives or just sitting and learning as much as I can about 2002's. Very, Very nice time.



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Andrew has offered a great invitation to you:  join our group drive/caravan to MidAmerica '02 Fest in Arkansas April 26-28, 2018.  Last year I (Cincinnati, Ohio) joined Mike (Beaver Creek, OH) and Andrew (Brunswick, Maine) and drove with them all the way there and back.  Every mile was a real joy and smiling adventure.  Best part:  Mike's well-planned route included ~30% (my guess) excellent two-lane roads of spectacular beauty and challenge.  I really enjoyed driving with them and hope they will invite me next April.


Bonus:  Not to worry.  Any breakdowns/problems can be easily solved/repaired by Mike and Andrew...fountains of '02 knowledge and wealths of sage advice, wise counsel, and valuable experience.  



Cincinnati, Ohio

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