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Bellhousing Cover?


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Hello everyone! New 2002 owner; first post :)


I'm in the processes of fixing critical issues and I could use some help identifying the correct name for a part. Pictured below is my bellhousing, which is clearly missing its cover. Searching Google for "Bellhousing Cover", "Flywheel Cover", etc does not seem to yield many results that are 2002-specific. Is this a difficult part to obtain? If anyone knows a source or has tips for fabrication I'd be very grateful.




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21110670050  Covering plate

Weight:0.172 kg

Superseded by:

24111205541 (08/25/1975 — ), nonexchangeable retrospectively

Part 21110670050 was found on the following vehicles:
1502-2002tii   (03/1966 — 07/1977)
3' E21   (02/1975 — 12/1983)
3' E30   (03/1982 — 07/1988)
1500-2000CS   (09/1963 — 01/1972)
5' E12   (02/1972 — 06/1981)
5' E28   (11/1980 — 12/1987)




Don't pay attention to the prices at realoem.com - they're often outdated.

01    Covering plate   21110670050            
02    WAVE WASHER  B6   (5)   07119933072            ENDED
03    Hex bolt  M6X16-8.8 ZN  (2)   07119913466  ENDED
03    Hex bolt  M6X16-8.8-ZNS3  (2)   07119904357



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I thought the part may sometimes used the term "inspection plate" but could be wrong. I removed mine a few weeks back in the futile attempt to look at the flywheel marks. Doesn't werke.

Enjoy Seattle, I moved north 30 yrs ago. 

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