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Want boost but really?


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To me it looks from the picture that the piston is approximately 2,5...3mm below the block. By fitting 9mm taller rod it would be about 6mm proud. 

Also if my estimation is correct it doesn't quite match to 1.8 vs. 2.0l crank difference. I could be wrong though especially since the block is already shaved unknown amount.  

Basically what I'm saying is that I don't know what pistons you have... and you don't know what pistons you have. You should measure how they actually are positioned, measure the stroke just to be sure, take the pistons out and measure the compression height. Then you should specify what CR you want for your application. Actually you should have done all this before machining anything but well - live and learn. Then you do the math to see whether the pistons can be used or not. My guess is not. I would not recommend shaving the block (and even less the head) unless it's about some tenths of fine tuning. Millimeters will run you to problems with timing chain. Taller rods would be a solution...but they would need to be custom unless you can find some about 138mm tall ones (don't know about them existing).   

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After losing my original block to a less than honest machine shop I bought a bunch of engine components - block 4 sets of pistons, head, gaskets etc etc - that had all been machined and was ready to be assembled. These pistons were the brand new ones and so they were the first ones that got placed in the block. Going to have to measure things up and see if one of the other sets will work better


Thanks for reading and all the input folks - keep em coming

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