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2002 wheel bearing upgrade


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....what Martisson said.


To use larger bearings, you use the tii strut and either tii hubs and brakes 

or hubs from an early E21 and '77 E21 rotors and 528 calipers.  It all bolts together.


Otherwise, grease the stock bearings every couple of years for maximum joy.


I raced standard bearings until I went to 10" cantilevers, and they lasted fine

with regular re- greasing.




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The difference between the standard 2002 front strut and the Ti/Tii was the diameter of the spindle. There is no significant difference in the strength/load capacity/life between the bearings, it was done because they wanted a stronger spindle (like Toby said the standard struts are more than strong enough). The Tii strut was built to take the larger calipers and before the aftermarket came out with Big Brake Kits this was the easy way to get a bit more braking. 

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