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Not the 49 Mile Drive-2017 - 12/09/2017 09:00 AM to 12/09/2017 02:00 PM


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Event Title: Not the 49 Mile Drive-2017
Event Author: layers
Event Date: 12/09/2017 09:00 AM to 12/09/2017 02:00 PM

Not the 49 Mile Drive rally for 2017.  Starts at Ocean Beach across from Beach Chalet.  Meet at 9-9:30 AM and cars off by 10:00 AM.  Meet again at restaurant (follow rally instructions...) for lunch.  Encourage a navigator, but not required.  Families welcome!  See BayArea 02 regional forum for more details.



Not the 49 Mile Drive-2017

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Thank you to all participants.  I had fun helping organize the rally and I hear that everyone else had fun, too!


A special thank you to Rallymeister Pet Petras who designed this route that touched some high points and low points (well Ocean Beach is at sea level...) around San Fancisco.  Everyone at lunch told me they enjoyed the route and most of them identified the photos, too.  I look forward to driving many more of his rallys in the future!


I encourage anyone else with some photos (or a lot..) to post them for all of us to enjoy.



NT49MD-17 final route & photos 171208.doc

NT49MD-17 final photo KEY_CORRECTED 171209.pdf

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