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My 71 Rebuild project


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Long time lurker porsche nut who finally found a 2002 to play with. I am the third owner last owner had it since 83 and was a professor. Needs some body work love but that is a side hobby of mine. Have learned a lot and hope to track the progress here if this is the right place.








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Nice car, and one of my favorite colors.  Lotsa helpful folks here on the FAQ, and incredible knowledge about the tiniest details.


Are you in the Carolinas?  If so there's a very active 02 group in NC with lotsa helpful folks.  And there's the Vintage meet in Asheville, the weekend before Memorial Day.  


Looks like you have an early modell 71 car--built after April '71 with a 257xxxx VIN.  


cheers and welcome to the fraternity/sorority.



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Thanks for the feedback and the warm welcome .I am in Georgia. This car reminds me of an Alfa GTV I had as far as handling. I have had 914's as well that were on rails.

Engine was rebuilt around 8K miles ago according to paperwork and odometer. Looks like it sat for some time when the brakes started to fail. One of the rear shoes were nearly gone while the rest were new. 

Went through and replaced inserts, brakes etc. Took it on a ride and had axle bolts break (ironically I have had 2 porsches do that but they had a little bit more power :^).


 Want to drive it and get all the bugs out then will start the tear down for paint etc. 








Full yard.jpg


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Grabbed some parts from Les and was able to cobble together a complete molding kit.Have worked out several bugs and have it running and driving now. 

Hoping to grab a 5 speed at some point, work has been crazy so spare time is hard to come by. Hope everyone has a happy new year.



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Picked up an e21 so let the 2002 sit during the winter. 

 Now I should be able to focus on the 2002 for now.

The first order of business is to get it running well then I will move to body work. 

When I bought the car it came with records back to 83, the last owner kept everything since he bought it in 83 and had the engine rebuilt twice. The best I can tell from the odometer is the last rebuild was done around 8K miles ago, looking at the inside it looks pretty clean and new. I need to dig the paper work out and check specs as it has pretty good pep, much more fun than the e21 to drive for sure but we know that already.

 I miss the Alfa and the sound of that car with side drafts so I yanked the singe carb and put on side draft webers. The other carb needed some tuning but was a pain to crank cold, I did not bother since I knew it was going to sit on a shelf soon.  

 I had to swap to an electric fuel pump for clearance as well as swap to an e21 Water Separator to clear the carbs. I set up the pump in the trunk and tried to make it look as if it was factory, wiring is ran through the factory loom.Still have to adjust linkage, install the IE distributor and tune the carbs but out of the box with a 1-1/4 turn the car fires right up and actually runs pretty good, so looking forward to setting it up. I used the factory linkage and tapped the factory mount to attach it to the new linkage. 

 Looks and sounds like a totally different car. Now need to source a passenger door and off we go with body work.










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