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4 SPD to Getrec 260 5 SPD Conversion

J Mart

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I see a lot of talk about the 5 SPD conversion with the Getreg 265.

But My son and I found Getreg 260 5SPD's to replace the standard 4 SPD's

My question is there are a number times that you need to do or get ( shorten Drive Shaft, Enlarge Tunnel, Change Clutch Cylinder, etc. etc.

But what are the other items that need to be done to complete.

1 What about shifter and shifter platform, does the stock one work or do you have to modifiy the 5 SPD one ? does it need to be cut down if so how and where does it need to be cut down at ?

2 Throw out bearing does this need to be changed to a different one for the 5 SPD ?

3 Transmission support, there seems to be one for the 265 that you can buy  but no one talks about the 260 ?

4 electric speedo conversion  because the 260 does not have a cable drive ? Is there a kit and what needs to be changed in the dash


We are new to the conversion so this is why I am asking. We are going to convert 2 cars at the same time his 73 and my 69, which I have to convert the pedal box from manual to power


These are the burning questions


Jeff in PA


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