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1976 2002 Anthracite in Northern Calif

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Price: $9800
Location: Burlingame, CA


Saw this on Ebay. Seller states other than "crate engine", car is stock. Maybe it is a good example of what is supposed to be on a stock  '76, for those of you that own one.




No affiliation with owner.

76 Anthracite.jpg

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I usually roll my eyes when people use the terms “stock” and “original”, but this car actually looks pretty...stock!


It’s a ‘76 California version which, apparently, retains its full original emissions controls.  The radiator is certainly not original and the car lost its fan shroud, probably when it lost its original radiator, to which the shroud mounts.


It, like my ‘76 (VIN 2742541, April 23, 1976) is in that batch (a couple thousand, we estimate) of ‘02’s, manufactured from February-ish to May-ish 1976, that did not receive a steel VIN plate riveted to the right inner fender.


Based solely on photos shown, certainly not a rusty car!  Is that an un-cracked dash?  Vinyl looks excellent.  Just needs new horsehair.  Carpet looks original.


Lastly, don’t let the deteriorated metallic paint fool you. Anthrazitgrau metallic with the factory beige interior is a beautiful combination:  fairly rare and only available during the square taillight era.







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Great comments, Steve.

My '76 VIN 2371106, 09/75 (Sorry, have not had time to research how to look up the actual production date. I realize it has been a topic before)

In trying to figure out what exactly I want to do with my car, I sometimes think it would be cool to have all of the original parts back in the engine compartment. However, that thinking leads to a seriously "slippery slope" and a person could go crazy with it. Now that I am wrenching my own car(I actually enjoy it and these are so easy to work on), I realize that all of the previous mechanics, including my last, would just leave things off(heat shields, smog parts, etc) that they felt I "didn't need". When I see photos of a '76's engine bay and I peruse the site for "smog parts", just to see what i am missing, I am amazed that my car has been passing the test here in California! That also begs the question of, how efficient are these tests anyway and are they really making a difference for ALL of those 1976 cars:lol: that are on the roads here?

But I digress, I do like finding these cars online to help me see what stock should be, because i would like to have the rest of the car correct. Big, bodacious diving boards and all! 

I did not know about steel VIN plate riveted to the right inner fender. A nice factoid to have.

Thanks again for the info. Have a great weekend.


P.S. Does that valve cover look stock to you? My engine was rebuilt in 2013 and I recently painted the cover for fun, but it is different. The BMW emblem is to the right of the oil filler opening and I don't have those little "wings" just in front of the #1 cylinder nuts.

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Remember the seller says the engine is a remanufactured “crate motor” so I’d guess that valve cover came with the remanufactured engine.  I’ve seen those “gusseted” valve covers previously, but I don’t know how to date them.  I suspect your valve cover — but for the paint — looks like my ‘76’s valve cover, which is dated April 1976, the month my ‘76 was manufactured.













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