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BMWCCCA 50 year 'North America' mention


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7 hours ago, mike said:

I've been hinting to CCA staff to have special things for 2002 owners who attend the 2018 BMW CCA Oktoberfest--like they did in the year 2002.  I'm sure they have good things planned for us.


The 2002 event in Keystone CO brought in 104 2002s; check the October 2002 Roundel for the cover picture...



Great tidbit of information, I will definitely check it out & hope 2018 will be similar B)

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4 hours ago, joebarthlow said:

I asked BMWCCCA recently about west coast events and apparently their is something in the Northwest in 2019.

I read about that also.  Gives a little lead time to plan something interesting-- maybe a drive/rally? 


Lots of interesting sites along the coast, etc...:)

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3 hours ago, joebarthlow said:

I'm down to help plan a classic rally in the Willamette Valley, regardless of BMWCCA, BMWCCCA or any other group.


Some of the best roads you'll ever drive around the Oregon Coast, Oregon wine country in the valley or Cascade foothills!

I think you will find interested owners in PNW.....This would have to be organized cohesively someway--somehow...


Agreed there are some worthy routes to explore--



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