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Gauge of Interest - 5 Lug Conversion

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We all know the 5 lug conversion w/ Tii spindles and E12 hubs/calipers, but we were thinking of making a wheel hub that would be a 5 lug conversion for those with standard 2002 struts (In other words small bearing hub). It would basically be a small bearing E12 hub. We have the drawings and quotes from CNC and it would be ready to produce however the material and machining cost are pretty high. Will probably be made from billet aluminum to keep the cost down (we get reimbursed for the metal chips of the machining, you get practically nothing for lead-loy stuff). Anyways we would have to produce about 100 pcs (50 sets) and we want to see if we would be able to sell them or at least most of them before we drop a bunch of money. Pricing would be around $200-$250 for the pair. The brake set up would be possibly the only draw back. We could make a small run of 2002 15" front Wilwood hats with a 5x120mm pattern and that kit would work otherwise it would probably have to be a custom set up. Please let us know your thoughts. Hope to hear from the community!




-Team IE

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13 hours ago, TobyB said:

5 on 120 doesn't fit on the 2002 rear flange, does it?

The ti parts also get you disc brakes...




Yes it will work. This pair is standard 02 rear hubs, which needed a reinforcing nut welded on the back. Tii would be better since it is thicker and the chamfer is not so inset (would still need reinforcing on the back). We think Le @ 02garageworks actually made some from scratch? He may still have some available. This option would work with our wilwood with a 5 lug pattern on it. Or you could also drill the pattern on whichever rotors you want to use. Also, yes you are correct Ti parts work too.

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