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E-brake with E21 rear brakes


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Is the stock e-brake handle the correct leverage ratio for E21 brakes?

The rear brake components all appear fairly new but when I pull my e-brake handle there is not a gradual feeling of it cinching up. The handle pulls fairly free until it stops more abruptly than any e-brake I have used

and the real problem is it's not holding the car.

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You need to replace the cables with ones from a Turbo, which are slightly longer. I can't believe you actually got the stock ones to stretch that far. Sounds like they may be pulling against the drum instead of the compression springs.


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I'll look into those previous write ups.


The cables that are in there are to long. I had to put spacers behind the adjusting nuts on the handle. 

With the car on jack stands and the wheels turning I adjusted the cables until I heard the shoes starting to drag. Then pulling the handle it comes up less than 30 degrees and tightens up firm but when test driving there is almost no slowing or holding effect.

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The stock rear brakes on mine work just like that... (like sh!t), in spite of being adjusted at the cables/shoes.

I am guessing glazed shoes are my problem... but I dunno.

Mike has the same problem with his and in a weird way, that makes me feel a little better.

Maybe I should keep a cheater bar under the seat, to get some real leverage on the handle ;) 

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42 minutes ago, Fatherof3 said:

 there is almost no slowing or holding effect.


31 minutes ago, '76mintgrun'02 said:

I am guessing glazed shoes are my problem



Yeah, the parking brake on the '02s sucks but you should definitely be able to hold the car with it on.


Leaking wheel cylinder?  Glazed pads/drums? Worn p-brake/shoe components?  If you can draw the cable tight with the lever and you can still roll the car, it doesn't sound like replacing the cables is the answer.

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