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bucking / jolting after using e-brake to start on hill


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Car has been running great all summer. I was driving yesterday and was on a small hill leading into busy traffic. I held the e-brake and popped the car into first and pulled forward into traffic. I felt a little hesitation on a the hill and when I finally got into the straight then everything went bad after that. Now the car bucks and jolts in every gear and is not able to keep a steady RPM (rpm is bouncing on acceleration) 


I limped my way home and made it back into the garage. 


Any thoughts on what happened here? Could something have gone wrong with my rear differential? 



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After you check your drive train and are still having issues with surging on acceleration, check your fuel delivery.  Remove and clean your idle jet, if you are running a fuel filter, replace it.  Sometimes sediment from your gas tank will restrict the flow of fuel to your carb and will cause the car to stutter on acceleration.  If it is still an issue, check ignition next, (points, condenser, cap, rotor, plugs, wires).



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Or engine

32 minutes ago, eurotrash said:

My vote is that the hill changed something.  Not the use of the ebrake.  Sounds like fuel.  


...Or engine/transmission/diff mount(s). Engine mount can be checked by pulling the valve cover toward the passenger side fender. If it moves, bad...

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1 hour ago, TobyB said:

...dare I say engine mount again?





I checked the engine mounts themselves and they look intact. I can shake the engine if I pull really hard on the valve cover but Im assuming this is OK?


So if it is either the engine mounts or the transmission mount .... what would be casing the car to jolt violently in and out while trying to accelerate 

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