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What's up with my Windshield ?


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I've been noticing this over the last while (well... perhaps long while).  My windshield in the passenger side lower right corner is fogging.  Not like temperature fogging, like permanent fogging.  Hard to get a photo of it, but perhaps you can make it out.  There is also some funkiness happening to the top, again on the passenger side.  I scanned around the windshield and didn't see any BMW stampings / etchings / markings.  My assumption is that it is replacement glass because I vaguely remember a thread on the FAQ about factory glass, but can't find it.  


So questions are if there is a cure for this fogging?  What is the cause, or is there a way to prevent further degradation? 


looks like the windshield is an available part (in green) for $150 - $300 depending on source). 













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2 minutes ago, mmichalik said:

I just had mine replaced by U.S. Autoglass for $250.00'ish, installed.


That's a fair price.


I changed my attitude on windshields.  I normally want OEM on my car, but I've opted for third party glass as it's the same product with different branding and way less money.


If the glass is delaminating it's likely got millions of tiny rock chips in it too.  Especially noticeable while driving into the sun.  You will love a new windshield.  


I'm on my third.

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