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WTT -- Early-Style Rear Filler Plate for Late-Style


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So, I've discovered that my Granada 2000 has had the rear aluminum filler-plate replaced at some point with the earlier part.  The difference is the placement of the BMW roundel -- on the early cars it goes on the left of the plate and on the later cars it goes on the right.


Both of my cars have the early style with the roundel on the left, but the Granada car should have the later style with the roundel on the right (and you can see the holes in the correct side on the sheetmetal behind the filler-plate).  See photo and circled magenta areas...that's on my red car.  Does anyone have a later-style filler-plate with the holes for the roundel on the right that they'd like to trade for an early one?


This is mine:



Which should look like this with the roundel installed:



And I'm looking for one like this:


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