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Oil Filter length


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I have used this filter. The Mann is a little bit longer than the Mahle OC49, which is the equivalent filter. I normally use the Mahle filter. The place where things can get a little tight is between the end of the filter and the steering box. It depends on how your engine sits on the mounts and which oil filter flange you have. 

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Dimensionally Simeon, that filter and the Hastings 134 are essentially identical and I know for a fact that the Hastings filters would fit, but not by much. Never personally used one but can recall seeing the H 134 on a 2002. The real question I think is whether or not the extra 1 1/4 inches of filtration is going to make a difference. How often do you change the filter? Maybe think about placing an engine hour meter on your car connected to the ignition and change it every 50 hours. 3000 miles divided by 60mph = 50. Or change it every 30 hours and see how many miles you cover. Food for thought. :)

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Regardless of size, just make sure the filter you use is specifically meant for an M10 engine, as they have a built-in pressure relief valve.  


I learned that the hard way when, in the early days of 2002s in the US, filters were difficult to find except from the dealer, and my nearest dealer was 40+ miles away.  I found that the filter from an Opel Kadette was dimensionally identical and were easy to find.  They worked OK 'till the weather turned cold.  That's when I noticed the filter was all bulged like a can full of spoiled vegetables; fortunately it didn't split open and dump all my oil.  Wrote to the manufacturer (no internet in 1970) who explained the difference--no pressure relief valve in the Opel filter, and an M10 can generate well over 100 psi of oil pressure on a cold morning.


Generally you can see the little valve as a flat piece of metal just inside the threaded section where the filter mounts to the block.  



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I found these two Porsche filters at the Habitat for Humanity store for $2 each, so I grabbed them; hoping they might fit.  They look about the same length as the one in question.


(shown here screwed onto a VW filter upgrade, seeing as how the old air cooled engines did not use filters, just a screen).


My impression was that they would be too long to tuck in there.


(made in Austria ... not Australia ;) )


As jmbeatt2 mentioned above, my concern was with the proximity of the steering box.


although from that angle it looks pretty good! 

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Ha! The way I drive my car, I definitely don't need the extra filter area.  It keeps turning up in my saved M10 engine eBay search and I wondered as I had never seen anyone who does push their car use one. If there is a simple upgrade, even if a bit unnecessary, I always wonder about its applicability. 


Obviously I would have less issues with proximity to the steering box  :D

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48 minutes ago, '76mintgrun'02 said:

I was just hoping to use a couple $2 filters...

extra length would just be a bonus, if they'd fit

What is the filter part no (I assume it is Porsche number)?  Just maybe it will show up in my master catalog listing.  If it's not over 4.848 inches long it will have room, but there are other specs it needs to meet.

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