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Sparco/Corbeau/other brand buckets


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Starting to look at a seat for my 02 was interested in the corbeau fx1 pro, but was told it's going too uncomfortable for longer drives 


Was interested in the Sparco Evo 2 but saw that it won't work in 2002s,


Sparco pro 2000 is looking like it might be the best bet. I havent found a place to go test out a wide variety of seats in CT yet, so I'm looking fo what people on here run and how they like them. Looking for comfort on long drives but also being nice and snug during more spirited driving. I plan on running a 3 point harness as well 

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The best advice I can give you is sit in the one you're going to buy before you buy it.  Even if it requires a road trip, its worth it.  Different seats have different fits, and some will be outright uncomfortable for one person and perfect for another.  Also, you may find your butt is too wide for some seats.  I'm 6' and 160lbs, and was surprised to find quite a few were to narrow for my thin build.


Also, these fixed seats are racing seats and are a pain for day-to-day use or driving long distance.  They are tough to get in and out of as the thigh bolsters are very high and the shoulder bolsters get in the way on ingress/egress.  I'm not talking tough to get in and out of like it is tough to get in and out of a sports car.  I'm talking a fit, nimble young person will be pulling on the steering wheel and door frame to get his butt unlodged from the seat.  It's OK to have to do this one or twice, but wears on you when you're out running errands.  Also be prepared to empty your pockets, because there's no room for keys or a wallet, much less a cell phone in your pockets.  On the longer drives, there's not much room to shift around or change position, so you're going to be uncomfortable even if the seat is super comfortable.  The seats are designed to hold you in place, and if fit correctly, they do just that.


If I was looking for seats with a little more support, but short of a race seat, I'd go for one of the street versions like a Cobra Daytona, Sparco R600 or the like.  These are both pretty comfortable, and better than the seats in most sports cars.

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Look no further at this deal right now!!  You will be glued to these and be satisfied for long drives as well. I have set in black corduroy.

Bonus is that they are period for our cars.  You could probably buy it all and re-sell the P-car brackets for an even lower total outlay!

They are fairly local if you need help checking into.  I am sure if NorCal buyers see this they might want to take advantage of this deal. No affiliation.






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