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Early windshield wiper switch upgrade anyone?


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I have a '73 with the integrated turn signal/windshield wipers stalk on the right side of the column. Not my first roundie and therefore not my first problem with this setup. I've gone through several stalks, both used and new and they all end up crunchy and stubborn after a while. I'm looking to 'upgrade', and short of a complete retromod I'm guessing the best thing to do is fit the system from a '76 with a delay function. I'm also assuming this would necessitate replacing the other stalk as well for headlights. I did a search and found a thread that only referred to a private discussion via PM but no other details. Has anyone done this and if so, are you willing to share your story?


Any ideas or comments are much appreciated.

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I added the intermittent feature to my '73 some years ago.  Back in the day BMW had a kit to do this, with the proper relay, dash switch and wiring harness, but that's been NLA for many years.  I do have the wiring diagram and instructions if you want to do this.  The 7 terminal relay is not difficult to find, as it was used on all E21s, Bavarias, CS coupes after 1972 or so, and (I think) early 5ers.  The most difficult part to find is the three position dash switch, as it was only used on Bavarias, 3.0 sedans and CS coupes.  


I also did a column on troubleshooting/repairing those problematical 72-73 wiper/turn signal stalks; pm me if you want a copy.  



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