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Should I buy this BMW?


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Been on the search for a 2002 driveable project for some time.  Perfect car would be '73 roundie, verona red, black interior.  But, really interested at anything at the moment.


Previous cars owned:

1987 BMW 325 (e30, e, 2.7, non-IS)

1990 BMW 525i

1988 BMW 735iL

2001 BMW 330ci

2002 Lexus SC430


Anyways, on to the car:

Apparently runs, but doubt it drives.  Looks like a good parts car, but not sure about how restorable it would be given the current condition.  Asking price, 3500 (!).  

It's a 1974, red.  Lots of rust in my opinion. 


I plan on staying away, but just curious what thoughts people have:





















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The loose front fender is a little weird.  Possible accident or just rusty? At least there isn't a sunroof. Thoroughly inspect the bottom, pull up the carpet, remove the rear seat and trunk boards.   If you really want a 73, then wait until you can locate a decent example.


Wonder what's wrong with the e36?

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Well, you always want the best car you can afford. This is not the best car you can afford.  I see rust on every corner and every panel including around all the glass.   With the body work and everything else this car needs, it will cost you far more to repair than the alternative, a $5k, $7k or even $10k 2002.   




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I'll vote no as well. I know it's red but.... that's a parts car imho..


Red roundies' are not everyday finds(and something I've always wanted 'cause they're gorgeous... but...)...and you want one particular year...73


 I'd consider expanding your wish list to any year red roundie 2002...


 Have you looked on Make and Model Search? Lots of BMW 2002's on there..it's a website that tracks Craigslist Ads nationwide..

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Critical places to check a 2002:  inner rear wheel arches (inside the trunk) for rust lines and/or holes; inner rocker panels (look through the holes in the outer rockers); rear subframe mounting points (under the back seat cushion).  Also those seats are from a roundie (relatively minor problem).  


If all those above points are sound and the floor isn't rusted out from sitting on grass, and the engine will at least turn over, maybe $1500.  Definitely not worth $3500...


BTW, the license plate is Leon county, FL (Tallahassee) and is dated 1989--so you can presume the car's been off the road for 28 years!



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As someone who is about halfway done with a project that was started with a car in better condition I can tell you that this one is nowhere near being a driving project car. I've put about 20-30hrs a week into mine for the past 2 or 3 months and it's now at the point of being a safe driving project.

I agree that this might fall into the parts car category and It looks they have another 2002 parts car in the backround as well.

Anyone notice how they have that E36 covered? I'm sure those blankets and floor mats really do a lot to protect it...


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