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Where can I buy a Steering Wheel Turn Signal Cam?


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Hello, and thanks in advance. Working on restoring my 1975 2002. Purchased an OEM correct used steering wheel to replace the small aftermarket one that came with the car when I bought it. The wheel I purchased doesn't have the black turn signal cam on it. Does anyone know where I can purchase this? Thank you thank you thank you!


Here is a picture of the turn signal cam, it's the black piece on the back of the steering wheel "BMW" printed on it, wrapping around the hub spline



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The problem with using the factory turn signal canceling cam is that it's meant to be press-fitted into a recess on the back side of the factory steering wheel, not on the steering column shaft.  It's just shown as part of the steering column assembly for reasons known only to the compiler of the parts book, as it's really part of the steering wheel.


Davbret's picture that shows the plastic cam also shows a brass contact ring that's meant to be used on a steering wheel fitted to an E21 or a NK car.  These cars have the horn contact setup exactly backwards from a 2002:  spring loaded contact on the steering column housing, brass ring on the steering wheel.  So if his new steering wheel has the brass ring on the wheel, he might find the recess for the factory canceling cam underneath the ring.  That's the way the hub on my Personal wheel was set up when I got it.  There are two drilled/tapped holes to hold the brass ring if the wheel was used on an E21 or NK, and also a hole for the spring contact and a recess for the canceling cam.  If not, you'll have to find--or fabricate a canceling cam.



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The cam is pressed onto #7 in the drawing and when the wheel is installed and tightened down it squeezes every thing into place, in the picture davbret posted are you sure that black ring just below the splines  on the shaft is not the cam it sure looks like it. ether way the same cam is used on all BMW's up until the mid 80's.

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